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Daydream Lineup

We woke up to this dreamy lineup on Day 2.
150 yard long lefts anyone?

I believe that I snapped this after surfing all morning, and finally
coming in when I couldn't paddle anymore
(that's a great feeling by the way, highly recommended!)


This place ended up being a wonderful place to settle in for a week

Hammocks on the deck

Tropical plants everywhere

Some nice local building handiwork

First Glance

After a long day of travelling, we checked in
to find this view of the point from our casa

Packing Up

One afternoon, I pulled all of my boards and gear out into the yard
and almost ended up with a stowaway in my boardbag....


This summer, a couple of friends and I decided to take a break from the everyday busyness, and head south in search of south swell, some shade, cervezas, and some adventure in the tropics.

Here is what we found....

Passport Required

Of course, sometimes you have to venture far from home in order to find
dream waves that won't soon be forgotten.
Remembering is a bit easier when someone gets of shot of you like this.

MT charging through another hollow one.

Hot Curl

These two shots of DM continue to inspire....
Finless plywood sliding out front

Late afternoon, backlit, point-racing

Winter Spot

Winter is a great time to take a chance
on one of those out-of-the-way spots....

Curves In The Grass

Lay It Down

Tim grooving on his Speed Dialer in Central America

Liddle Hull rail squirt closer to home